Our Technology

Produced in our Odessa, Texas facility, REXtac polymers are on-purpose, reactor-produced polyolefins. REXtac APAO is produced with REXtac’s proprietary catalyst and Liquid Pool production process, which provides the broadest range of physical and performance properties available in a polymer. REXtac polymers combine the unique characteristics of amorphous and low molecular weight properties with the easy processing of a polyolefin. We can customize a polymer to meet specific application and manufacturing qualifications whether used neat or in formulations.

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Formulating & Manufacturing

REXtac polymers are an excellent backbone in the manufacturing of hot melt adhesive and sealant systems. These polymers offer a broad range of physical properties critical in adhesive formulations. The compatibility of REXtac polymers with solvents, tackifiers, waxes, some styrene block copolymers and other polymers make them a high sought after resin for adhesive manufacturers.

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