APAO Pilot Plant

Within the Odessa petrochemical production facility, REXtac commissioned a new 200 gallon reactor pilot plant. The plant is capable of producing developmental APAOs with an extensive range of monomers and catalyst systems. With continuous production of up to 100 pounds an hour, REXtac will be able to make a wide range of APAO products including:

  • REXtac’s 100% APAO neat polymer
  • Tackifier-free pressure sensitive adhesive APAO
  • No/low odor APAOs
  • No/low VOC APAOs

The plant is equipped to facilitate the continued development of REXtac’s 100% olefin-based tackifier-free systems for the replacement of traditional hydrogenated C5, hydrogenated C5-C9, and DCPD-based tackifiers in hot melt polyolefinic adhesives.

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